Everybody wants to lose a couple or a lot of pounds in their lifetime. Women go on these crash diets where we put our bodies in starvation mode thinking if we deprive it of food we will lose weight. We always forget one main thing….it did not take 7 days to gain 30 pounds so why the hell would it take ONLY 7 days to lose it permanently?!?? 

It’s a question I must ask myself constantly when I want to lose weight quickly. Whether it’s an event coming up or just the new year, I have to continue to be….wait for it….PATIENT. Oooh yes, the whole patience makes the weight move farther approach. Listen I’m going to tell you right now, there is not any magic diet pills, surgery, or even fasting that will help you keep the weight OFF. You have to work very hard at eating cleaner, cut out bad carbs, working out, and being consistent.

The goal is not just to lose the weight but to keep it off.  Trust me when I say I have tried everything under the sun except surgery, to lose these pesky lbs. I have finally found what works for me and it’s a slow but very steady progression to my goal. I have listed below a couple of reasons why I was not seeing any results before. 

   1. You are impatient.

Wanting to look or be at your goal in a hurry is not how you are going to lose weight. As I previously stated, you didn’t gain the weight fast. So please be patient with your body. Take it one day at a time. Cut back on little things, trying to elimination a whole unhealthy lifestyle in a day is bound to fail. When you take your time with cutting back on sweets, bread, or whatever it is contributing to that belly fat you will see how slowly but surely the pounds drop. 

      2. Not drinking enough water. 

Water is a very important factor in weight loss. I’m no doctor, but I know the more I sweat, the more water I need to intake. It’s that simple. Start replacing beverages you love to drink throughout your day with H2O. Before you know it, you will only want water. Your body will surely thank you for it. 

     3. You Are Not Happy. 

Yup, I said it!! You are not happy with the person you are NOW. One of the  “tricks” to losing weight is being confident in who you are. Do not forget to tell the body you are in now how beautiful it is on a daily. Make sure you are not putting yourself down during this process. I had a HUGE problem with that before. I would get compliments on how nice I looked and instead of saying thank you, I would go into “but when I lose weight I’m going to look like…”. Once I started embracing the woman I am in this moment, I also started loving every fat roll I have now.

      4. Your workout clothes are wiggy wack 

Last but not least, you have to look good working out baby!! Now I know workout clothes are becoming a part of people daily wardrobe so they can be a little on the pricey side. After doing a little research of my own, I found some cute and very affordable workout clothes at places such as Rainbow Shops & Target. It’s something about getting cute for the gym that motivates my workout a little more.


If you start following these 4 steps I promise you will not only feel better but you will start seeing results. Consistency is key. Please do not be hard on yourself if you fall off your workout regiment. You can just pick back up where you left off. As long as you never quit, you will always stay in the race.


Why do we care that rich/famous Caucasian people are racist or even caucasian’s, in general, don’t like black people?

I look at it as what they eat don’t make me shit. This is coming from a person who first best friend in the world was Caucasian. Who I like and love is not based on their nationality but their character. Let’s face it, most people love me…when you get to know a little about me, you become head over hills. I’m just a people person, always have been, always will be.

Lo told me at a very young age that if I did not open my mouth and talk to people they would never be my friend. See I’m the only child and my only friends until hitting elementary school was within my family. In nursery school, I interacted a little with the children but nothing to the point where I remember their names. Plus I got kicked out for fighting. Yup TSJ has always been the type to pop off since the age of four. Long story short, there was this chubby kid in the daycare that picked on me daily. So I did what any child would do, I told my mama. Well Lo was not having that, she said and I quote “if you don’t hit her back the next time she hit you, I’m going to whoop your ass”. Naturally, I did what any African American child does when they fear of a beating from their parent….I tagged that butt.

Instead of just hitting the girl back, young TSJ picked up a chair and hit the little chubby kid. Yeah, that did not go over too well with the nursery school or the girl parents. I got kicked out and I never had to fight ever again.

Back to topic….racist and particularly the caucasian’s of the world not like African Americans. Now if you are reading this and are African American, you have, to be honest with yourself about how you feel. I will be the first to tell you I can not stand how my people are allowing themselves to be portrayed on reality television. That crap makes me sick to my stomach. There are many black successful men and women that can provide an interesting storyline for a reality show. However, we are now conditioned to only wanting to see petty arguments and fighting. The characters on these reality shows must have some type of drama going on to stay on the show to keep the ratings high. They allow people like Mona Scott & Any Cohen to dangle a couple thousand per season in their faces and literally sell their soul for a few moments in the spotlight. While the both of them are making millions, I will never understand it and maybe it’s not for me to get.

With that being said, I do talk about people of my same nationality in a negative way. Sorry, I do not agree I get a “pass” to do so because I’m black too, but I’m honest I do it. How is that helping our community though? The answer is that it is not helping it AT ALL. I’m doing the same exact thing we get mad at other races for doing. Why? My answer is to turn all of our hate and frustration into something positive. My idea is for African Americans to come together and separate ourselves from the hate completely. Focus on rebuilding our communities, keeping our children in school, getting our young women off of state assistance, and making African Americans great again. Ooooh, what a thought huh? Wouldn’t it be great where every state in this country had only areas where all the black people migrated? It would have luxury high-rises, townhomes, and just beautiful neighborhoods. There will not be liquor stores on every corner, no drugs anywhere, and you can forget about black on black crime. Okay I know it sounds like segregation, but we would still allow any nationality to live there. No discrimination, just love, and peace.

Trust me when I say I’m not delusional. I’m fully aware the timeframe of which this hatred towards blacks has been going on. There are days I get scared of the next news headline that I shut myself out. That does not stop it from happening or solves a darn thing, and I know that. This is the time we need to cling to God more than ever. The Holy Spirit is the only thing that will get us through this administration and all the not so closet racist that live amongst us now. I have become aware not everyone believes in God and hey that’s your problem. There is not a bone in my body that can believe otherwise that my God isn’t real. You have to put your faith in something though.

In closing, the next time you see, hear, or even experience someone being hateful towards you strictly because of your race….just smile. There is nothing you have to prove to them. My God has already set a plan for that person. Just trust that no matter what, it has already been handled for you.


First I will like to thank Christopher Maurice Brown for inviting all his fans and the rest of the world into his life. The film exceeded my expectations & I want it on blue ray to watch over again.

People will try and tear you down. No matter how much you have grown into a better person, there are always miserable humans that would like to see you fail. They want you to stay at your lowest so they may celebrate your downfall. That makes them feel better about their pathetic life. I absolutely, one hundred and ten percent feel that is how America does to Chris Brown. 

Yesterday I googled the movie title and ran across a Twitter post from a woman. She tweeted “In honor of Chris Brown’s new movie coming out tonight here is what he did to Rihanna and why no ammount of musical talent can save you”. The picture she attached was the report of the incident between Chris & Rihanna. Pssst, lady, the word amount is spelled with one “m”. My initial reaction to her tweet was bitch shut the hell up. It angers me that no matter how great of an artist like this becomes, he will always have this demon haunting him. The fact the darn victim herself has since clearly forgiven this man, made additional music with him, and hell even allegedly slept with him again, people post crap like that. 

Now before all the feminists of the world get so angry, I’m not saying it should be forgotten. The crazy thing about mistakes like these, it can never be put to rest in our minds. However to still put this man down for something he had done years ago, served his time, and had been released from by the courts is wrong. We should be uplifting our men, especially when we see that incident clearly has changed his life forever. Yes I know he continued to put himself into more conflicts etc after the incident with Rihanna. Let me ask you a question, before Rihanna, did you hear anything about Chris Brown being crazy or violent? 

I can answer that for you, no you did not! The thing about when certain emotions are released, they must run their course before we are able to control them. Basically the calm after the storm. The storm must come through, destroyed some valuable things, then gets laid to rest once we have suffered the consequences. Trust me when I say, I know all too well about that pattern. Everyone has some type of vice or even demon they battle on a daily basis. Some may be family, a substance they are abusing, a relationship they need to terminate, or even, in Chris Brown’s case, themselves. Self-destruction is one of the biggest demons of them all. 

After watching his film, I did not have the same thoughts of people who are not Chris Brown fans felt he was trying to do. In my opinion, he was not trying to get you to “love” him again. This film was a form of therapy. It was not giving excuses, it showed you the naked truth in his own words. I love the fact he was able to tell his own story about his darkest moments in life. I hate to see when an artist like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, that did not live to tell their own story. I mean we have seen interviews and biofilms where they spill all the tea. Listen hunni Auntie Whitney definitely kept it all the way real with the Diane Sawyer interview. *Which by the way is a classic interview.* I just would have loved to see her tell her truth in a sober way.

Ending this by saying Chris Brown is not just a talented entertainer, he is a human being. Some of his most troubled times were exposed on national television and the world wide web for all the universe to judge. Did I ever judge him for being such a monster and beating on that girl? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!! Did I forgive him and continue to support his projects because I know mistakes are made in life? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!! Nobody is perfect. 


I know, I know…..its been a whole month since my last post. Listen I had to get my cousin bridal shower completed (btw it very well) and since then I have been on the move. That is nothing out of the norm since every summer for the past four years my social calendar fills up to the size of Amber Rose’s boobs. This season we have more sunshine in Michigan, rooftop parties to attend, new summer wardrobe to be purchased, and best of all….CONCERTS at Chene Park. Oh how I love live music in the summer, the breeze coming from the Detroit river, and lets not forget those blue frozen drinks they serve that has you enjoying the element even more. Aside from all the fun things, I have been working my butt off at the gym. Not looking for perfection, just a decrease in the lbs & inches. I will not be doing anymore quick crash diets this time around either. The simple ole workout, eat cleaner, and drinking lots of water is my current method. An updated post about my gym routine, motivation, and meal plan coming soon…..


Hey…have you noticed the new look? Yes ya gurl finally upgraded her blog!!! *insert cheers* What do you think? I’m currently in the process of creating more content for the blog. With the new look has to come some awesome changes, it’s only right. Soooo what else has happened in the last month? Recently I Netflix & chill….watched the whole entire first season of Queen of the South. When I say it was ahmazin… that would even be an understatement. Let me first start off by saying I did not even know this series existed. That is really not too far fetch since I rarely watch television now of days. If its not apart of my regular line up I have had for the past five years and I cannot catch it on demand, Netflix or Hulu, I’m not watching.

Apparently this show comes on the USA, who knew that network still existed. (lol) Any who, not every series and/or movie can pull off the whole drug lord plot. The creators of Queen of the South nailed it and provided so much more. It keeps you in suspense every episode and the fact we already know the ending from the first scene of the first episode keep you intrigued. The writers make it impossible to concentrate on anything outside of this show for an hour. You can not take your eyes off the screen for a minute because you will miss something, TRUST. Thank goodness for Netflix and the ability to rewind. Teresa Mendoza, the main character, is beyond a ride or die chick. Not only does she put herself in danger several times for her friends, she even does it for complete strangers. That baby has HEART!

Please check this show out if you have not already. If you love the drama series Power, Queen of the South is right up your alley. It has all the suspense, drama, violence, and even some romance you need in a series about a drug cartel. The second season starts on June 8th. I probably will wait to watch once the season is over. Binge watching is this best!




May 1st is tomorrow & that marks 8 months left in the year. How are you going to make your mark? I do not know about you but I’m going to continue to step out of my comfort zone and come acquainted with situations that make me uncomfortable. That is the only way to make a real change and impact.


Lets get to the meat and the potatoes of the week shall we. Shea mf’er Moisture is currently in the hot seat with the natural hair community. Since I have went natural, team no heat, about two years ago, I have used Shea Moisture products. My main go to is their curl enhancing smoothie for my curls to pop. Now of days I know what works for my hair and Shea Moisture products are awesome.


Now back to the matter at hand, the company put some white girls & bi-racial chick in the forefront their recent commercial. Listen hunni there was no melanin to be found with a speaking role. All the gurls of the natural hair community are outraged. I have even seen brand ambassadors for them step down because of their disgust with the commercial. (Hey Shea Moisture, holla at your girl, I’m not mad) I just watched this infamous commercial and honestly I was NOT offended. My thing is, just because they cater to the african american hair community does not mean that is the only nationality that uses their products. Man some folks need to grow up! Now that Pepsi commercial was way more deserving of the black twitter backlash then this one. I hope this one blows over soon.


If ya gurl could swim I would definitely try out for the new Fear Factor. Back in the day this was my show to watch. Yes it would make me swarm and almost vomit from the cow testicles they were force to eat or laying down with rats, but it was absolutely entertaining. The trash talking was also clutch, how the people you thought had all the “strength” & experience but get out in the first round. Well Ludacris, yep you read that correctly, will be hosting the new season of Fear Factor. So I do not know about you, but I will be watching.


I will end Sunday Thoughts by saying:

Someday is not a day, make your mark on life now. Stop counting other people money & discussing how they got into the position they did. It is none of your business. Worry about YOURSELF!!


How you will glow up has nothing how someone else is already shinning. What God has for you is…..yep you guessed it…IS FOR YOU ONLY. Start writing your story to success. Speak nothing but positivity in the month of May.