Movies Had Cruel Intentions…

There was an ah-ha moment I had a couple of days ago. Since I been going to see a psychologist I believe I discovered the reason why my desire to have sex was so hyperactive.  Although my childhood experience probably had a lot to contribute to it, the movies with teenagers (or casting people to play teens) encouraged being sexually active early. The motive behind getting us to lose our virginity early I not yet have an answer for, but there was a reason.

secret society

On March 5, 1999, I was the tender age of 12 when Cruel Intentions came to the big screen. If you not familiar with the film I will give a very brief synopsis. Two rich caucasian teens, who parents rarely made an appearance, who used placed bets on how fast they can have sex when someone without falling in love. The two main characters were also step siblings that actually were sexually attracted to one another and also displayed how much they wanted one another on screen. Their specialty was preying on virgins and leaving them in the wind. Sounds like a great movie?

hell yeah

Yeah now that I’m in my thirties, mentoring young girls, and will be starting my own family one day this movie is nothing I would recommend to a pre-teen or teenager. Even with Selma Blair’s character iconic scene when she dancing and singing “secret society”, which I still quote to this day, I still cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 see this film. All the movies that came out around that time were never showing how we are supposed to be abstinent. The movies like American Pie, Gossip, The Skulls, Love and Basketball, Scary Movie, Crazy/Beautiful, NEVER gave us a message about waiting to have sex. These movies, among a bunch more like them, normalized sex for teenagers.


Parents get so nervous and worried their teenager is being sexually active too early and seem to have no clue why they are not more interested in their school work instead. Whelp I think it finally hit me who is helping push the teenagers to this point. Now do not get me wrong, I’m sure there are a million other factors that come into play when a teen decides to make that step. However what the television shows and movies are supplying is the seed. The curiosity of it all, wanting to feel like the people you see on the screen.


Cruel Intentions was a good movie and the soundtrack was firah. The movie being good does not excuse the fact it was rated R and I was watching it at 12 at that time. Lo (my mom) really dropped the ball on what she allowed me to watch. Yeah, Spice World was cool but there is no way I should have been watching American Pie the unrated version. *shout out to my bestie Stephanie for getting her mom to rent it* HA! All in all, if you are a parent or have a teen in your life, protect them from media influence.

hide yo kids



  1. Phe
    May 7, 2018 / 4:04 pm

    I agree, a lot of the movies we grew up on were definitely 18 and up. I have honestly never seen Cruel Intentions, but, I watched American Beauty about the dad that was attracted to his daughter’s best friend.

    • sincerelyurstsj
      May 11, 2018 / 10:57 am

      Oh yeah I forgot about American Beauty…..pure molestation.

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