Spring Is Approaching….


So this post is about 11 days late overdue, but it is still very relevant. With all highs, you experience extreme lows. Us humans forget that we have been through a lot of hell and triumph through, which made us even stronger individuals. All the tools we needed to get to the next stage in life, we already possess. We get a case of amnesia and go into a panic, which if not caught early, spirals our lives out of control. This then leads to self-doubt, depression, anxiety, sadness, and all of the in between.


I have decided to throw the entire month of  February in the garage. Seriously acting as it did not even exist. Reason? It was trash!! Granted I excelled in some parts of my life, family and my career being a couple…..I completely failed at the rest. Now I’m learning failure is needed to stand on when you are becoming successful, but I’m going to be hard on myself. The ish I let go on in February was a rookie move. I’m a heavy hitter….everything I was doing I did not consult with my Lord and Savior. I was falling down so hard each time because I was trying to run this ship called life without him being the driver. I figure he got my ship to start sailing I could go ahead and handle the journey. BUT I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG IN MY THINKING. I always need God to stay in control of my journey. Especially when I think I got the hang of things. That’s when I’m most vulnerable.


Giving control over to God should be simple because he is the creator of my existence. He has proven time and time again that he has my back. But it’s so hard because I lack the amount of faith to trust in the spirit. I’m admitting I do not have complete faith 100% of the time. It actually hurts just admitting that, because how can I say I have Jesus but do not trust that he can lead me completely? However, I have to be honest with myself in order to get better.

March has been very good so far since I press that reset button. I’m looking forward to finishing out this first quarter of the year on top of my game in every area of my life. Whenever God says move, ONLY THEN, I will execute. I’m not sure how anyone else can live without having complete faith in Christ. In my opinion, you are living a harder lfe than you really have to….



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