Is Your Relationship Bigger Than The Ring?


Why has getting engaged become this big thing? Are we forgetting to build a solid foundation so that this big rock can stand on? How about actually knowing who you are before deciding you are ready to become some spouse….these are things I think about when I see engagements poppin up on social media.


I had a conversation a month ago with some of my friends and one of them revealed that their friend only proposed because it was the “thing” to do. What type of crap is that? So you mean to tell me this man was not ready to commit his life to this woman? That he only purchase an engagement ring and planned this lavish proposal to only say months later….I’m not ready. Whaaaat?!??


For those that are currently in a committed relationship, I know marriage comes up a lot. But you really have to ask yourself are you ready…seriously. Ladies, do you REALLY know what it means to be a wife? Are you ready to take on that responsibility? I do not care what these people are telling you, a girlfriend is not the same as a wife with only paperwork attached. IT’S NOT!!!


Are you so obsessed with getting a ring that you forgot to continue to nurture the relationship? I’m going to real with you, relationships are hard AF! Yes, you have those awesome moments when you are all lovey-dovey and seem to not want to live without one another. However, when LIFE happens and things are not as peachy, your relationship gets tested. Baby, it gets real and only the strong survive. When you start breaking down those walls and communication between the two of you gets more real than ever before… start questioning things you thought you already knew the answer to.


Listen I’m not saying you can not fantasize about the whole engagement process. Please do….but make sure you throw some reality into that fantasy. Know the person you are looking to marry someday. Do background check….what is their family like? Mom issues? Daddy issues? What is their 5-year plan? Shoot do they have any plans? Basically, I’m telling you to make sure they are your forever after. If they are not, you will find yourself constantly sliding into someone else DM’s, text messages….searching for fulfillment because you were worried about getting engaged before you were 30. I’m just saying



  1. Carlys
    January 14, 2018 / 9:09 pm

    You definitely need to be ready before wasting someone’s time.

    • SincerelyUrsTSJ
      January 15, 2018 / 2:29 pm

      Bingo! Time is something we cannot get back, so we must be 1000% sure in my opinion before committing to “I Do”.

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