4 Ways to Vacation On A Budget


Traveling is becoming one of my favorite things to do now. The fact I can forget my reality and get away to someplace cool for a couple of days is clutch. I hear a lot of people always complain about the cost of traveling and hold that being reasoning as to why they do not travel. I call that nothing but a bunch of lame excuses. Listen I do not make a crazy living so I’m not spending thousands of dollars on a trip. The most I have spent on a trip so far was Jamaica and that’s because I wanted to live like Beyonce/Diddy while on vacation. (true story lol)


After coming back from my recent trip from Los Angeles and spending under $500 for only five days, it got me to thinking, I definitely can travel more often. Now realistically because I have a 9 to 5, paid time off is not being handed out like free kripsy kreme donuts. However, with the time I do accumulate, I’m going to see some more world. I want you to also do the same! Below I have listed 4 Ways to Vacation On A Budget, (domestic)….TSJ Style.

          Skip the hotel, get an AirBnB


We all would love to stay in a luxurious hotel but let’s face it, once their fees are added in, you looking at close to $1000 for a 4-night stay.  No Bueno. I get staying in someone else home is kind of weird but the prices are great. Also when you are on vacation all you do is shower, possibly snack, and sleep in your room. As long as you are in a great neighborhood or at least close to the action spots, it does not matter where you stay. I have found staying in Airbnb’s have saved me anywhere from $500-600 total. Also when traveling in the United States, I usually rent a vehicle. All of the places I have stayed at has either free parking or discounted parking. This is opposed to paying an additional fee for parking at a hotel.

***If you just prefer a hotel, the app Hotel Tonight provides great deals. They allow you to book in the location up to 7 days in advance. The catch is you have to be within that time frame from your trip to see the great deals. I used this app when I traveled to Vegas. It was great for a last minute deal. 

       Two’s a company, Three’s a saving


I have traveled alone on more than one occasion, but the last four years I have also traveled with my boyfriend or a group of people.  When traveling alone I have spent close to $700 on just the flight, Airbnb, and rental. Not bad huh? Well, this will really get you excited, traveling with two or more people, I have spent close to $500 on the same things. Now, this is just domestic traveling, but it is still a huge saving. I say if you trying to save your money, get you some traveling homies.

***Keep in mind traveling with other people can be a hassle. Everyone will not want to do the same things and stay on an itinerary. Definitely, discuss what are the “must do’s” for everyone so that no arguments happen once you get on the trip.

       Carry-on Luggage is Best


Getting four to five outfits in one carry-on use to be hard for me. Now I’m a pro! I can get six to eight outfits with two to three pairs of shoes in one carry on. Impressed? Don’t be, I discovered the art of rolling your clothing very late in the game. It not only provided me a lot of room in my suitcase but saved me money on my luggage. Unless you are flying Spirit Airlines, your carry on is FREE. Just think, you really need only two pairs of shoes on vacation. If you are not traveling someplace tropical, three pairs. Now I know people like to shop when they go out of town, but that’s the beauty of traveling with other people. My boyfriend mostly always checks his baggage. So anything I purchase in another state I just put in his bag.

***You can also just have the items shipped to your home as well. I know how it is when you find an item or even a store you don’t have back home. You can not pass up that deal. 

        Sightseeing is Free


There is nothing better than getting some sightseeing done in a new city. You can people watch, soak in the culture and possibly pick up some souvenirs. My favorite of sightseeing is the street meat. Yes, you can even get a delicious meal on the street for under $10. I have enjoyed walking around New York City and Venice Beach, looking at the street performs. That is pretty much free entertainment, food, and some gifts for under $20. (it is polite to tip the street performers, they work hard people)

***Every city in the US has an area you can just enjoy for FREE. Use google if you are not sure where to go.

Alright, beautiful people, I hope you have enjoyed my tips. Do not let money be the reason you do not travel. Treat yourself to at least one to two trips a year. If I had my way, I would take a trip every month. I technically did that, August, September and October, I was in three different states. Best decision I have made all year. Cheers to living your best life.









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