The 3 Benefits of a Fuck Boy

Yes, I’m going to talk about the infamous fuck boy. Everyone has run into one or ten in their lifetime. Whether you dealt directly with one, you know someone who has, or you are one yourself, it has happened. Unfortunately, I have been with more than one. Some may say I can chalk it up as an “L, you live and learn”. I would say yes I have lived and learned a lot from my bad choices in who I decided to give my time. However, there were some benefits in dealing with those fuck boys. I looked at messing around with a fuck boy as a very expensive lesson but valuable.


Now granted most fuck boys are selfish womanizers. They will do whatever it takes to benefit themselves at the same time constantly lying and breaking hearts. The fuck boy is unapologetic, to say the least, but honestly, ninety percent of the time show you who they are in for the first week of knowing them. Now I know you are thinking, why would anyone decide to mess with a fuck boy if we know all this? I’m glad you asked…..

For Great Sex

Unless you have been hiding up under a rock some place or do not have HBO, you would know Lawrence from Insecure has become a fuck boy. Hey, Tasha called him out on it during episode three of the second season titled ‘Hella Open’. The thing is Tasha was not thinking Lawrence was much of a fuck boy and rather a great fuck when he was blowing that back out. See most fuck boys come with great sex. This is the main reason women keep them around even though the boy is not providing anything else we acquire. The moment he shows his true blue colors, ie. stop calling, we find out about his other life aka the one he lives when he is not with you, or whatever it is, we then want to call him on the bullshit we already knew.


The Plus One

If you have a decent fuck boy, yeah who knew those existed, you can both use each other. The decent fuck boy has a bit of a conscience so if you need a plus one to an event he would more than likely go with you. Please believe he will be asking to borrow money, use your vehicle or something for compensation for that date he just went on with you. The convenience of having a fuck boy around is a good benefit for women who do not want to take the time to invest in a quality man. Fuck boys are always around when they are getting something out of the deal.

fuck boy response

The Learning Opportunity

Like I admitted in the beginning, I have dealt with more than one fuck boy. The biggest benefit for me was learning how to spot them. After my last fuck boy encounter, I realized what I was doing to attract such fuckery, I was not setting standards for myself. Back then all you had to do was give me a conversation, throw a couple of compliments my way, most importantly sex me good and I was all yours. One of the fuck boys told me the real deal and how boys prey on women. The only choose women who they can pass time with until they get the girl they really want, never a need to take her out the house, and my favorite they go for the one with the lowest self-esteem.

rih f boy

After hearing all of that, I declared never to waste any more time on a fuck boy. Now do not get me wrong they make for great male friends. It’s very entertaining to see how fuck boys are stronger than ever. Even married men, yup, are out here in these streets. Hey, I guess fuck boys will never be a dying breed….




  1. Zanard
    February 1, 2018 / 9:17 am

    Very interesting to read this and get your perspective here . Have you n the past dealt with a married fuck boy ?

    • sincerelyurstsj
      February 1, 2018 / 12:28 pm

      Yes I have dealt with a married fuck boy. One I did not know he was married and the other I did….and just didn’t care.

  2. Zanard
    February 2, 2018 / 3:27 am

    Same with me . So happy to know I’m not alone , how was your experience with the guy you didn’t care ? I made that move before and it just made me want him so much more. Had a bitch tripping & what made it worst, I worked with him! Ugh .

    • sincerelyurstsj
      February 3, 2018 / 1:35 pm

      Listen I have been there too. It was fun for the moment it lasted. But I never fell for him, because I knew what type of man he was from the jump.

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