Reasons Why I’m Not Deleting My Social Media Accounts


So I now know I’m not the only one that wakes in the morning and before brushing my teeth I grab my smartphone to get on social media. The starting line up is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, then Snapchat, in that order. I leave Snapchat for last since the stories on my timeline usually take me anywhere to 10 to 15 minutes to fully watch. PIU, problematic internet use, is what doctors are saying we have. It is classified as an addiction. I completely disagree.


Last week however one of my followers on Instagram posted the meme above. It is cute or whateva but I love how much social media has evolved over the twenty years I had active accounts. This could be the millennial in me…..Millennials are the 1980s and the latest 2004  in case you were wondering. Seriously though, I love the way we communicate now. Given the fact that I have been working in communications my whole working career, I rather slide into someone DMs instead of calling all the time. I also enjoy posting any new hot restaurants, clubs, parks, or vacations I have been on. This does not mean I do not properly engage with the person or people I am with at that time.


My social media accounts have not been created just to look at someone else life. They give me exclusives on concerts, new music by my favorite artist, movies that have not been advertised a lot, new television shows, and so much more. There is more good than bad to me on social media. It goes back to what I always say, it is who you follow that may make it not interesting. There are accounts such as Amanda Seales and MissDiddy that I follow for two different reasons. Amanda is funny as hell but keeps it real about the #StayWoke movement and everything pretty much that we thirty somethings go through. MissDiddy, I have been following her career for years now. From the outside looking in it seems like she lives a life of luxury. The reason why I love her, she shows all behind the scenes on how she is achieving the different milestones in her life. That motivates me and reminds me the grind never stops. Then I follow natural hair vloggers and fitness people. Honestly, the list goes on and there is a purpose as to why I have hit that follow button.


Facebook is mainly to stay connected to co-workers, family, and childhood friends. Outside of that, you can see the tumbleweeds on that account. My twitter was set up originally for my random come to Jesus thoughts, moments, and to make a guy jealous (Y’all already know I’m petty). Currently, I use it for my brand, help promote other brands, and random thoughts. Snapchat is my own reality show, I love documenting a piece of my life on there.

I will agree that some things should be kept off social media. My relationship is rarely displayed on my social media. This is not because of trifling individuals that use social media as a tool to destroy happy homes, it’s just because that is a part of my life I do not feel like displaying 24/7. My family also do not make a lot of appearances. The fact I use my accounts for my brand, I do not feel the need to mix too much other than myself into it all.

Anyone who feels sharing different things on social media is a distraction should definitely exit stage left. I for one love social media and feel it is necessary for our culture. I have built relationships with people I would have never met if it was not for social media. It helps bring awareness to things a lot of millennials would not know about. So my social media accounts are here to stay.

deal with it


  1. Carlys
    August 6, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    Social media like everything else has its pros and cons. But I mainly use it for entertainment. I can be on the gram for a minute watching funny vids. That’s my only active social media account. I’m over FB and never got into Twitter.

    • sincerelyurstsj
      August 6, 2017 / 5:15 pm

      I agreed it definitely has it pros and cons

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