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Sundays are either ending of the week or beginning. For me, it is the beginning of the week. I’m usually putting the finishing touches on my weekend and getting ready for the work week. Unlike the glamours lives of the folks, I follow on Instagram and Snapchat I do have a 9-5. As I reflect on the prior week it got me to thinking about the interview I heard on Insecuritea: The Insecure Aftershow. Yvonne Orji and Jay Ellis were the guest on the episode, Yvonne plays Molly and Jay plays the infamous Lawrence. Yvonne said you have to be someone who is willing to date your level of crazy. Wow so simply put but yet there are a lot of things to unravel with that statement.  What if you have not identified your brand of crazy yet? Do not worry, I’m here to help.

drive myself crazy

Identify What’s Your Crazy

There are levels to crazy. You can have the pop off queens/king, who do not care whos around she/he will go off in public of any minimal sign of disrespect. Then you have the quiet crazy….you know the one that will not say anything right at first but as soon as they get some liquor courage you better hide. There are many identities when dealing with someone who has a crazy streak. The first step is identifying which one are you.


Which Crazy Deserves A Relationship

THEY ALL DO!!! I honestly believe in the saying that there is someone for everyone. With that being said, you still have to be someone that you care about flaws in all. If you see that their brand of crazy is a bit much for you, do not be selfish, just end the relationship. Allow someone that can handle that package the opportunity instead of trying to change them.


Unpacking Your Crazy

Remember what I told you before, there are levels to the ish. I like to think I’m a master at this part. It took until I was 27 but I found someone that was worth be unpacking my crazy onto. Granted we did not start our committed relationship until 2016, he still was exposed to my brand of crazy. Oh, and I was introduced to his, which I nickname Baby Kanye. The fact of the matter is, when everything was exposed, we still stuck around. My advice is to unpack in the first 90 days of dating. Stop hiding who you really are in fear they will not except you.

My brand of crazy is only meant to be handled by a very strong individual. When looking at the past relationships and how they ended, I see now they were not built for ever after. My opinion the relationship and vibe seem to work when your brand of crazy matches. I have to admit I’m not as crazy as my man, but we are truly equally crazy about one another.


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