Sunday’s Never Felt So Good….


Let me just get into it, INSECURE season freaking two starts today at 10:30 pm eastern time. Listen if you read my post about the show, you already I’m a huge Issa Rae fan. So needless to say, my phone will be on DND tonight. I was able to check a couple of interviews Issa has done about the second season and she gave a little tea on what to look forward to for the new season. She mentions her character will be going through the infamous “hoe phase”. Now if you have not got to that point in your life yet or even confused on what I’m referring to, allow me to explain. The hoe phase is something every male or female must embark on some point and time in their life. Most women however either go through it during college years and/or after a really bad break up. Now let’s be clear, the hoe phase does not necessarily mean you are going to bustin it wide open for a real one. As the urban dictionary puts it….

A phase in your life that occurs frequently when you are fine with exploring promiscuous activities and connecting with random people. These activities do not always end in sex, but can lead to it. You have a high tendency to dance provocatively with strangers, be a tease in social settings, flirt non-stop, kiss and/or make-out with others, and get caught up in the moment. This phase helps you establish what you like and don’t, explore your sexuality, and have fun. You have the ability to stop these actions or snap out of the phase.


I for one did it after I ended a long term relationship. I was pretty young but for a good two years, I was outchea. The period in my life I learn a lot about myself. It literally shaped me become the baddie I am today.


The thing is, you can not stay a hoe for long. That hoe phase is only meant to be just that….a freaking PHASE. Not a life choice or full-time gig you embark on to define your feminity or masculinity. I honestly feel people forget that and then get mad when they are single AF with no one to mingle with. Hey….do not shoot the messager. So yeah, I’m really excited to see how Issa goes through her hoe phase and what Lawrence is up to, probably still blowing chicks back out.


Please head over to BlackandSexyTV and subscribe to this network. The shows on there are incredible and they touch on some of everything. I have been a loyal fan for over seven years now. The content and characters they have developed are beyond ahmazin. My favorite shows currently are Sexless, Chef Julian, and Dear Miller. Like I literally want to move to Los Angeles to be a part of this network it is that good. The founders of BlackandSexyTV Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier have kept me coming back for more each year.

Sexless season three ended last night and let me tell you I’m soooo happy with what went down with my two favorite characters Julian and Wendy. Now I’m not into providing spoiler alerts so I will not give you any deets. Just please go over to support this black network and binge watch Sexless and Chef Julian. I promise you will not be disappointed.

girls trip

Have you seen Girls Trip yet?!?! If not, go ahead finish reading this post and then head to your nearest theater. When I say a laugh factory from start to finish, this movie is a must see. It’s definitely a summer film you will go with your girls to see. I went with my cousin Kimberlynn, and we settled on she was Lisa, Jada Pinkett’s character the mom of the group but after enough alcohol ish goes down. I was Dina, Tiffany Haddish’s character, the turn-up/pop off the queen. Oh, I forgot to mention the ahmazin eye candy in there. Larenz Tate fine self in there giving us Love Jones 2017. Then you know Kofi fine, chocolate, black diamond dripping, just beautiful young tender in there too. Thank me later.




  1. Carlys
    July 23, 2017 / 5:02 pm

    I can’t wait for Insecure tonight! 😁….and I’ve never embarked upon a hoe phase. It’s never too late to start tho lol jk

    • sincerelyurstsj
      July 23, 2017 / 5:10 pm

      Lmbo!! Listen it’s never too late.

      • Carlys
        July 23, 2017 / 11:03 pm

        Lmbooooooo 😂 Indeed. My next adventure 😂

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