This Black Will Not Crack…


Why do we care that rich/famous Caucasian people are racist or even caucasian’s, in general, don’t like black people?

I look at it as what they eat don’t make me shit. This is coming from a person who first best friend in the world was Caucasian. Who I like and love is not based on their nationality but their character. Let’s face it, most people love me…when you get to know a little about me, you become head over hills. I’m just a people person, always have been, always will be.

Lo told me at a very young age that if I did not open my mouth and talk to people they would never be my friend. See I’m the only child and my only friends until hitting elementary school was within my family. In nursery school, I interacted a little with the children but nothing to the point where I remember their names. Plus I got kicked out for fighting. Yup TSJ has always been the type to pop off since the age of four. Long story short, there was this chubby kid in the daycare that picked on me daily. So I did what any child would do, I told my mama. Well Lo was not having that, she said and I quote “if you don’t hit her back the next time she hit you, I’m going to whoop your ass”. Naturally, I did what any African American child does when they fear of a beating from their parent….I tagged that butt.

Instead of just hitting the girl back, young TSJ picked up a chair and hit the little chubby kid. Yeah, that did not go over too well with the nursery school or the girl parents. I got kicked out and I never had to fight ever again.

Back to topic….racist and particularly the caucasian’s of the world not like African Americans. Now if you are reading this and are African American, you have, to be honest with yourself about how you feel. I will be the first to tell you I can not stand how my people are allowing themselves to be portrayed on reality television. That crap makes me sick to my stomach. There are many black successful men and women that can provide an interesting storyline for a reality show. However, we are now conditioned to only wanting to see petty arguments and fighting. The characters on these reality shows must have some type of drama going on to stay on the show to keep the ratings high. They allow people like Mona Scott & Any Cohen to dangle a couple thousand per season in their faces and literally sell their soul for a few moments in the spotlight. While the both of them are making millions, I will never understand it and maybe it’s not for me to get.

With that being said, I do talk about people of my same nationality in a negative way. Sorry, I do not agree I get a “pass” to do so because I’m black too, but I’m honest I do it. How is that helping our community though? The answer is that it is not helping it AT ALL. I’m doing the same exact thing we get mad at other races for doing. Why? My answer is to turn all of our hate and frustration into something positive. My idea is for African Americans to come together and separate ourselves from the hate completely. Focus on rebuilding our communities, keeping our children in school, getting our young women off of state assistance, and making African Americans great again. Ooooh, what a thought huh? Wouldn’t it be great where every state in this country had only areas where all the black people migrated? It would have luxury high-rises, townhomes, and just beautiful neighborhoods. There will not be liquor stores on every corner, no drugs anywhere, and you can forget about black on black crime. Okay I know it sounds like segregation, but we would still allow any nationality to live there. No discrimination, just love, and peace.

Trust me when I say I’m not delusional. I’m fully aware the timeframe of which this hatred towards blacks has been going on. There are days I get scared of the next news headline that I shut myself out. That does not stop it from happening or solves a darn thing, and I know that. This is the time we need to cling to God more than ever. The Holy Spirit is the only thing that will get us through this administration and all the not so closet racist that live amongst us now. I have become aware not everyone believes in God and hey that’s your problem. There is not a bone in my body that can believe otherwise that my God isn’t real. You have to put your faith in something though.

In closing, the next time you see, hear, or even experience someone being hateful towards you strictly because of your race….just smile. There is nothing you have to prove to them. My God has already set a plan for that person. Just trust that no matter what, it has already been handled for you.


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