Chris Brown Vs. The World

First I will like to thank Christopher Maurice Brown for inviting all his fans and the rest of the world into his life. The film exceeded my expectations & I want it on blue ray to watch over again.

People will try and tear you down. No matter how much you have grown into a better person, there are always miserable humans that would like to see you fail. They want you to stay at your lowest so they may celebrate your downfall. That makes them feel better about their pathetic life. I absolutely, one hundred and ten percent feel that is how America does to Chris Brown. 

Yesterday I googled the movie title and ran across a Twitter post from a woman. She tweeted “In honor of Chris Brown’s new movie coming out tonight here is what he did to Rihanna and why no ammount of musical talent can save you”. The picture she attached was the report of the incident between Chris & Rihanna. Pssst, lady, the word amount is spelled with one “m”. My initial reaction to her tweet was bitch shut the hell up. It angers me that no matter how great of an artist like this becomes, he will always have this demon haunting him. The fact the darn victim herself has since clearly forgiven this man, made additional music with him, and hell even allegedly slept with him again, people post crap like that. 

Now before all the feminists of the world get so angry, I’m not saying it should be forgotten. The crazy thing about mistakes like these, it can never be put to rest in our minds. However to still put this man down for something he had done years ago, served his time, and had been released from by the courts is wrong. We should be uplifting our men, especially when we see that incident clearly has changed his life forever. Yes I know he continued to put himself into more conflicts etc after the incident with Rihanna. Let me ask you a question, before Rihanna, did you hear anything about Chris Brown being crazy or violent? 

I can answer that for you, no you did not! The thing about when certain emotions are released, they must run their course before we are able to control them. Basically the calm after the storm. The storm must come through, destroyed some valuable things, then gets laid to rest once we have suffered the consequences. Trust me when I say, I know all too well about that pattern. Everyone has some type of vice or even demon they battle on a daily basis. Some may be family, a substance they are abusing, a relationship they need to terminate, or even, in Chris Brown’s case, themselves. Self-destruction is one of the biggest demons of them all. 

After watching his film, I did not have the same thoughts of people who are not Chris Brown fans felt he was trying to do. In my opinion, he was not trying to get you to “love” him again. This film was a form of therapy. It was not giving excuses, it showed you the naked truth in his own words. I love the fact he was able to tell his own story about his darkest moments in life. I hate to see when an artist like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, that did not live to tell their own story. I mean we have seen interviews and biofilms where they spill all the tea. Listen hunni Auntie Whitney definitely kept it all the way real with the Diane Sawyer interview. *Which by the way is a classic interview.* I just would have loved to see her tell her truth in a sober way.

Ending this by saying Chris Brown is not just a talented entertainer, he is a human being. Some of his most troubled times were exposed on national television and the world wide web for all the universe to judge. Did I ever judge him for being such a monster and beating on that girl? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!! Did I forgive him and continue to support his projects because I know mistakes are made in life? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!! Nobody is perfect. 

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