New Number, Who Dis?


I know, I know…..its been a whole month since my last post. Listen I had to get my cousin bridal shower completed (btw it very well) and since then I have been on the move. That is nothing out of the norm since every summer for the past four years my social calendar fills up to the size of Amber Rose’s boobs. This season we have more sunshine in Michigan, rooftop parties to attend, new summer wardrobe to be purchased, and best of all….CONCERTS at Chene Park. Oh how I love live music in the summer, the breeze coming from the Detroit river, and lets not forget those blue frozen drinks they serve that has you enjoying the element even more. Aside from all the fun things, I have been working my butt off at the gym. Not looking for perfection, just a decrease in the lbs & inches. I will not be doing anymore quick crash diets this time around either. The simple ole workout, eat cleaner, and drinking lots of water is my current method. An updated post about my gym routine, motivation, and meal plan coming soon…..


Hey…have you noticed the new look? Yes ya gurl finally upgraded her blog!!! *insert cheers* What do you think? I’m currently in the process of creating more content for the blog. With the new look has to come some awesome changes, it’s only right. Soooo what else has happened in the last month? Recently I Netflix & chill….watched the whole entire first season of Queen of the South. When I say it was ahmazin… that would even be an understatement. Let me first start off by saying I did not even know this series existed. That is really not too far fetch since I rarely watch television now of days. If its not apart of my regular line up I have had for the past five years and I cannot catch it on demand, Netflix or Hulu, I’m not watching.

Apparently this show comes on the USA, who knew that network still existed. (lol) Any who, not every series and/or movie can pull off the whole drug lord plot. The creators of Queen of the South nailed it and provided so much more. It keeps you in suspense every episode and the fact we already know the ending from the first scene of the first episode keep you intrigued. The writers make it impossible to concentrate on anything outside of this show for an hour. You can not take your eyes off the screen for a minute because you will miss something, TRUST. Thank goodness for Netflix and the ability to rewind. Teresa Mendoza, the main character, is beyond a ride or die chick. Not only does she put herself in danger several times for her friends, she even does it for complete strangers. That baby has HEART!

Please check this show out if you have not already. If you love the drama series Power, Queen of the South is right up your alley. It has all the suspense, drama, violence, and even some romance you need in a series about a drug cartel. The second season starts on June 8th. I probably will wait to watch once the season is over. Binge watching is this best!




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