Sunday Thoughts

May 1st is tomorrow & that marks 8 months left in the year. How are you going to make your mark? I do not know about you but I’m going to continue to step out of my comfort zone and come acquainted¬†with situations that make me uncomfortable. That is the only way to make a real change and impact.


Lets get to the meat and the potatoes of the week shall we. Shea mf’er Moisture is currently in the hot seat with the natural hair community. Since I have went natural, team no heat, about two years ago, I have used Shea Moisture products. My main go to is their curl enhancing smoothie for my curls to pop. Now of days I know what works for my hair and Shea Moisture products are awesome.


Now back to the matter at hand, the company put some white girls & bi-racial chick in the forefront their recent commercial. Listen hunni there was no melanin to be found with a speaking role. All the gurls of the natural hair community are outraged. I have even seen brand ambassadors for them step down because of their disgust with the commercial. (Hey Shea Moisture, holla at your girl, I’m not mad) I just watched this infamous commercial and honestly I was NOT offended. My thing is, just because they cater to the african american hair community does not mean that is the only nationality that uses their products. Man some folks need to grow up! Now that Pepsi commercial was way more deserving of the black twitter backlash then this one. I hope this one blows over soon.


If ya gurl could swim I would definitely try out for the new Fear Factor. Back in the day this was my show to watch. Yes it would make me swarm and almost vomit from the cow testicles they were force to eat or laying down with rats, but it was absolutely entertaining. The trash talking was also clutch, how the people you thought had all the “strength” & experience but get out in the first round. Well Ludacris, yep you read that correctly, will be hosting the new season of Fear Factor. So I do not know about you, but I will be watching.


I will end Sunday Thoughts by saying:

Someday is not a day, make your mark on life now. Stop counting other people money & discussing how they got into the position they did. It is none of your business. Worry about YOURSELF!!


How you will glow up has nothing how someone else is already shinning. What God has for you is…..yep you guessed it…IS FOR YOU ONLY. Start writing your story to success. Speak nothing but positivity in the month of May.


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