Jamaica & Stratechic

I FINALLY MADE IT TO JAMAICA!!! Just got back to the states from a very ahmazin trip to the beautiful Ochos Rios, Jamaica. The lavishness of the villa I stayed in came with my own personal chef, maids (who washed my clothes daily), and a 24 hour butler. Ya gurl was living like Diddy for a week. What can I say I work hard to play even harder.


I also conquered my fears by jumping in 20 feet of water at the blue hole. My tour guide made me feel super safe and I had on a bomb life vest. Oh did I mention I can not swim either?!?!  The experience in itself was off the charts.So yeah every bit of my vacation was enjoyable. Plus 3 weeks at the gym had me looking pretty nice in my bikini.

I can honestly say that I have been living my best life in the last five years. The main thing is I love traveling and experiencing new places. The group I went with decided to make Jamaica a yearly trip. Sooo I can not wait until next year. 🙂

michele thornton

Before Jamaica I went to Houston, TX to attend the Answer conference back in February. On one of the panels they had Michele Thornton as a guest speaker. I never heard of her before, but as soon as she started speaking I wanted to know who she was. Personally I’m highly attracted to transparent individuals or what others may say people that keep it “real”. I like to say that I’m one of those people myself and being that way does not always gain likes for people. Michele mention that in her book about herself.

Listen after the conference I wanted to get this book stratechic and begin reading it right away. You can tell Michele is a woman that handles her business and still gets respect where ever she goes. I originally went to the conference to get tips on how to strengthen my relationship with my significant other, but ended up wanting to glow up as an individual. Start winning in my personal life and career.


During my layovers and plane rides this past trip, I finished the book Stratechic. When I say it was not what I was expecting and that is a great thing. It makes you dig deep and challenges you. Not only to be a better business woman but be the honest with yourself and become a better person. One of things I love that she says, if you are not helping others during your journey, you are not really doing anything. My grandmother has always taught me as a child to serve. That means you have to not only get yourself ahead but help others climb that mountain as well.

I highly recommend this book to any woman that is looking for a new start and do not know where to begin. Next week I get back to reality which is not a bad thing. I received a promotion and that has helped me to stay motivated on my end goals. Until next time….



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