The Pledging Process

What is the pledge process? Pledge of Allegiance? No. Pledging a sorority or fraternity? No way. The process I’m talking about is pledging in a relationship. My man did a snap story recently about how you have to put someone you are interested in being with through the pledge process. I found it so interesting that I decided to take to my blog and give my take on it all.



In relationships there are a few stages that you should go through before either determining just friends, marriage, or none of the above. The pledging process can take roughly one to four years after the first six months of dating/getting to know the person. You first have to start with determining….

Who is Really Pledge Worthy?


Remember back in the day when we could turn on Vh1 & give our predications on who New York or even Ray J should pick for a “life” partner? How convenient would it be if we had a pick of the litter with potential candidates for love? Everyone that comes into your life is not pledge worthy.

What are the signs?


You are within the six months of the “dating” phase, now what? Are there any signs of deceit, drama, lack of ambition, or just deal breakers period? Do not settle just because you are lonely. If this new person you are with do not make you completely happy and ADD value to your life, dump them. There is no need to carry on this relationship and farther waste your time. Trust me, you will thank me later.

The Pledge

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“In the beginning…When no one else was around…You were there…And now.. that everything is good…You gotta know…I’ll ride out with you… forever…” – Ashanti

(Side note I’m a huge Ashanti fan) After the six months, you have decided this person is worth going through the pledging process, so you make it official. Now your significant other is not just pledging their love but should be displaying the abilities/characteristics you want in a life partner. This step can take between one to four years, depending on the person. However, the pledging process is only to strengthen the relationship and not to determine if the person is marriage material or not. Remember to enjoy this stage and do not get lazy just because “you got someone”.

Who wants that Michelle and Barack love? I know I do!! Happy Pledging!!


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