5 Ways to a Happier You

Long time no blog huh? I really am trying to continue to stay on track and provide more content in the year 2017 buuuuut I have allowed LIFE take me down too many times. When I was in church service this past Sunday, my pastor said something that has stuck with me this week. He was discussing triggers that we have that keep us from spending more time with God. One of the triggers he mention was FEAR. Now I really do not talk much about my personal fears, but I absolutely do have some. My pastor said that when you allow FEAR to be bigger than God you are basically saying God isn’t greater than whatever fear you have. If you are a believer in Christ you know that to be completely false because God is greater than ALL things. Soooo that brings me to now, my present day, I declared last year I was going to have more happier days on my journey than bad. No matter what LIFE wants to throw at me, I will take it with the biggest smile on my face. For me personally I remember where I use to be and God has brought me a long way.

How can I help you?? I’m so glad you asked…..I have listed 5 ways below that allows me to bring some cheer into my life. Everyday is not perfect, but the great thing about us is that we have the CHOICE to change that.

  1. Have Order.


Keeping your room/home organized and clean really helps you more than you would think. If you have clutter and just things not in order, that spills into your day to day activity. In order to have balance in your life, you must start with your home. So give each room in your home a day of the week to clean up and keep organized.

2. Exercise.


If you are a reader like myself, you have seen many articles and books emphasize the importance on weekly exercise. The minimum and standard time you should work out is 150 minutes a week. Thats broken up into only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I will be the first to say the struggle is real when its time to get up and workout. However I will also say how great I feel once I go and get some cardio. No matter the gender or age, we all need to get some type of exercise in weekly.

3. Clothes.


Hello, my name is TSJ, and I am a shopaholic.

No really I have a online shopping problem, but when I buy clothing, shoes, and now makeup, I get super happy. Its not one of those happy for the moment type deals, I’m somewhat complete. I love getting dress, doing my hair, and putting a light beat on my face. It boost me up. So I say ditch the sweats, leave them for at home use only, and jazz up your wardrobe. You do not have to spend a lot to look like SHMONEY. I have been thrifting too. Also taking items you already have in your closet and just purchasing a new top or some shoes to make it look new. When you look good, you 99% feel even better.

4. Date.


Whether you are in a relationship/married or not, going out on a date is very important. Especially for my ladies out here in these streets, do not wait on no man to ask you out. I have went on plenty of solo dolo dates by myself and hunni I’m a great date. You been dying to visit your favorite restaurant??…then GO. Sit at the bar, order up some stuff and enjoy the scenery. Now if you do not have a loner bone in your body, then grab your man or friend and head out. You will be much happier once you went out a couple of months back to back. I personally date myself a lot and have dinner dates with friends I do not get to see on a regular basis.

5. Make someone smile.


Most americans are very self involved, myself included. However, have you ever thought about what will happen to you if you made someone else’s day? Give a compliment to a random person. “hey, I love your shoes…” That one liner can go a long way. How about actually giving a homeless person a dollar and say God bless you? I mean there are little ways to put a smile on someone face. By doing that, you set off some chemical in your body that makes you a happier person. Listen, try it.



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