Celebrities VS Working Class 

Are you serious? That’s my question to everyone that want to tweet, post Instagram or provide your opinion on any social media platform. I had to ask this same question to myself. Listen fam who are we to judge? Now I do agree to holding someone accountable for their actions when their speaking on topics on a spiritual/Christianity points…..but these “celebrities” are not in a household where they are living paycheck to paycheck. These celebrities do not have to “budget” just to enjoy at least one vacation a year. So when we (because again I’m talking to myself) put POWER in the tongue and turn your favorite celebrity into enemy #1 because of their actions as an ARTIST….it’s like why? Are you serious?


One particular situation I’m referring to is this whole Chrisette Michele singing at Trump inauguration. Now at first I was outraged at my favorite singer deciding to sing for this racist jerk. I even went onto her IG after the statement she put out in her reasoning and still was upset at what she had decided to do. After listening to her interview on The Breakfast Club this morning I realized something, I do not care. I have said this in previous conversation with my significant other, celebrities do not owe “us” shit. They have money and access to things we are working weekly to achieve. Some may feel that they will get a pinch of that “success” eventually, me being one of them, but until then I’m chilling. Who am I to judge this woman because she is a celebrity and decided her to perform for this jerk. Who was not even there, which I did not know because I did not watch.


I think African Americans in general feel like because other black celebrities have money or whatever they are suppose to be “our” voice. Why are we giving them so much responsibility? Or better yet, ask yourself this, did they work their butts off to even want to be our voice. What if they got famous to just….wait for it….to be FAMOUS!!! It may surprise you to know that every African American does not support black lives matter movement. I know people personally that are not “woke” and are just fine with their existence being that way.

All I’m saying celebrities don’t need to stay woke, sorry for the tweet Chrisette….they got thousands to a million of dollars. The working and even middle class need to start using our own voices. We can do this by educating everyone within the communities and reaching out to our own congressman. Learn about these people who are trying to get elected to represent our voices is major key. Then continue to climb that ladder until we reach the highest of that totem pole. We should not have twitter beefs and just let those fingers do the talking. That ish is dead, if you want a change, can’t just sit on your butt. Now I am definitely not a political genius but trust me when I say I know what to start doing for a change.


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