New City, Same Ole Mary Jane

Last night I caught up on the first episode of Being Mary Jane season four. I have to admit I did stop watching this program after the second season but caught up on the series during their hiatus. It is something about Mary Jane for me that wants to see her win in love. Despite how I feel, there are four reasons why she will not win unless she changes her tune.


Reason #1 – Stranger saying “I love you”

Gurl what was you thinking? Listen I know we all need a little something something to get in the “mood” but those three words?!?! Really?!?! You are in dire need of sitting on someones couch. Mary Jane asked this complete stranger to tell her that he love her during their one night stand situation. I cringed at the television and then was like, GURL, WHAT?!?!


Reason #2 – Expensive ass matchmaker

I’m not going to lie, I low key want to be a matchmaker just so I can charge those prices. $20k for someone to set you up with a complete stranger. I did appreciate the fact the matchmaker completed an assessment on Mary Jane and declined to provide her services. She told her want I been screaming at the television for the pass three seasons….YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOURSELF GURL!!!


Reason #3 – Mary Jane is giving me Molly from Insecure. Why after getting broken up with by the matchmaker you go find Mr. London aka Lee? Gurl he was a one night stand, leave there. Sidenote: Could we not get someone with just a little more swag? I’m use to Mary Jane men being a bit of a heart throb. Bottom line, she really did not want to pursue anything from Lee but some penis, returning back to where he frequents in hopes things may be different was dumb.


Reason #4 – Damsel In Distress

Did y’all hear that? When Mary Jane asked Lee why he went home with her the first night, that baby response was I saw a damsel in distress. Let’s just pretend that Lee could be a potential love interest, why didn’t Mary Jane end that walk right there? That comment offended me, even though its mad truth to the statement. However, you do not have the right to come for me like that sir. We just met!!


I’m really hoping the writers allow Mary Jane to work on her insides before trying to find this husband. She is in a new city with new opportunity. Clearly not comfortable with her S.O.S. As of now, it seems like she is blowing it all away with the same shenanigans she was pulling in the old city. Either way, I’m going to be tuning in every week to find out.



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