The Kissing Game

Happy Freaking New Year!! Well day 2 of 365 and I got to thinking about this kissing madness.Who the hell did you kiss at midnight? Do people still believe that tale? English and German folklore came up with the tradition by suggesting at midnight a kiss could strengthen a budding romance. If you are not kissing someone at midnight on New Year’s would result in a lonely and loveless year to come. That is pretty sad right? How are you going to say a kiss could make or break a relationship?!? Lies right? 95074d3a6dfe68c133d9a39044253f7c

My best friend in elementary and I started our own tradition. At midnight we would make sure we were on the phone with one another to wish each other a happy new year. We wanted to be best friends forever, so we thought just being on the phone would help that come true. I know it may sound a bit silly, but to a pair of nine year olds, it was legit. Now that I think about it I see why it was “glue” that held us together for another year. The reason I say that is because when we stop doing that, our friendship dissolved.


After elementary, I went from being on the phone with my bestie to wanting to kiss boys. If my memory serves me correctly I do not think I actually kissed any one in middle school or high school at midnight. I could be wrong though….I’m 30, the memory is not the best.


I mean I did not even start kissing until 8th grade. Which by some standards is waaaay too early, but hey I was curious. My first kiss was at the tender age of 13. He was much more experienced in that department than myself. When it happen, I’m thinking to myself, why does this boy want to put his tongue in my mouth. I’m sorry I was interested swapping spit at the time but want it entailed I was not down for. The funny part was, he wanted to kiss all the time. Like dude, BACK UP OFF OF ME!!. Needless to say that was the beginning of the end for our little middle school love. I quickly realized it was not the act I did not care for, it was person I did it with. My first kiss and I ended up hooking up years later and yeah… was the same results. Nice guy and all just not that into him.


Kissing someone at midnight is not going to make or break the relationship. You just need to have a solid foundation and consistency. When there is a tradition in place that you follow ever year, you are bound to spend that year with those same people. Once the tradition is broken, down goes that relationship. Looking like a Ronda Rousey fight….




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