I Appreciate A Cheater



Those darn cheaters…….

Lets use the HBO show Insecure for example. Issa slept with some else first and Lawrence follow suit. Ummm what are we feeling about this situation? Let’s examine….I personally have been cheated on in more than one relationship by a f-boy. My first boyfriend I had in high school never kept his piece in his pants to save his life. When it was revealed to me he was smashing other chicks,  did I leave? Nope. I was Tiny to his T.I….. staying in a relationship base on lies and betrayal. Do I regret it? That will be another NO. Staying in a relationship with a cheater opened some things about myself that I was not willing to face until my early twenties. Thank God it was that early and now I corrected the problem. The issue was never the cheater, it was ME. No I’m not blaming myself for being the cause of my man sticking his nature inside someone else, but I was the reason for continuing in a relationship that should never started and/or lasted that long in the first place.


There are tell tell signs always present in the beginning of any relationship. Those signs are in place to provide either warnings or conformations were that particular relationship destination will end. We do not have a lot of background on the whole five black lives matter years Lawrence being jobless. So we can not really know when Issa mentally stepped out of the relationship. See men (and most women that are not self conscious) do not realize the mind is the first to cheat. You begin with thoughts, fantasies , and play out ways you would cheat. Once you have made it up in your mind that you want to step out  your relationship, you start small. The text messages begin, then those  lead to conversations after hours, before you know it the sexting is on another level. We now officially eating on your significant other.


The levels busting wide open for a new dude can be how Issa was in that studio with Daniel when he was giving her the business. Okay we can not forget about Lawrence blowing Tasha back out….that relieving stress sex is always the bomb dot com. Either way you look at it, its all messed and could have been avoided.

I titled this I appreciate a cheater because it is the truth. It is more on a personal level though. If I never got cheated on I would not be able to detect signs of it in other relationships. That is basically a timesaver in my eyes. The cheaters in my life also helped me love on myself more. It made me look inside as why I stayed in a relationship with someone that obviously did not love me and had insecurities of their own.


Looking forward to season two of Insecure. I wonder what will happen with Lawrence and Issa, or if Issa will be real with herself and move on. We shall see…. in the meantime save yourself some time, if you are unhappy in a relationship LEAVE.

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