What’s Your Body Count?


Are people still asking this question? Does it really matter once you hit 30? Granted I’m currently in a relationship which was a friendship prior so “what’s your number” was already revealed before hand. I’m 100 percent sure he doesn’t believe me because most men say you take a girl number and add about 10 or whatever. But honestly I haven’t had sex with that many men in the 14 years I have been out here in these streets. 5 of those 14 years I was only sexually active with one guy. So yeah I think I’m doing pretty good.


This question had me concerned because I was thinking if men really care. Living in Michigan I have learned that we are all six degrees of separation. It is super crazy….with that being said, you are going to run into someone that knows someone you know. There is even a chance they had sex with them at one time. It just happens that way. 

Body count is not important to me….but have your ever had an STD? Do you have any children? How many mothers? These are questions I would ask if I was dating. So what she/he has had twice her/his age of sexual partners….how does that concern you NOW? Yes the double standards with women come into play and we are called hoes for sleeping with more than 5 guys. Does that bother me? Hells yeah….I’m not a hoe because I decided to let more than one guy stick his hand in my cookie jar. The term hoe to me is when the female is having sex with anything. I mean she bust open for any nicca, not just a REAL one. You can be promiscuous, which I was at one time, and still have a low body count. 


There is a huge difference between being a hoe and doing hoe-ish things. I’m not in any position to judge the next chick, so what she does with her vagina is her business. Everyone, especially men, need to have the same mindset. If you are constructing a life altering decision base on someone body count, child that is pitiful. I’m 30 now….yes time is showing me that it’s not waiting  on me, so a body count will not stop my shine. 

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