Awkward to Insecure


The woman that got me hooked on the web series Awkward Black Girl, now has something even better on HBO called Insecure. If you do not know who I’m talking about, her name is Issa Rae.

*Please check out Issa Rae YouTube channel*


Issa is beyond hilarious. When her creative juices get going, she takes you on a world wind of laughter. She also shows a softer side with drama web series called FIRST… which I’m still waiting on that next season. *ahem* She has also introduced us to Leslie Tells It, which provided worldly news along with a mix of the latest celeb gossip.



Oh lets not forget how I stayed glued to my emails for updates when the next Ratchetpiece Theatre was rolling out. These are just a few of my favorites that Issa has provided to us on the world wide web. Now she is on the BIG SCREEN. HBO bih….I’m so excited for her. I guess because she is my friend in my head.


So what is Insecure about you asked? As of now I see being thee best show on HBO since Girls season 1-3 (my opinion). Its everything from ratchet to this ish really hits home for your girl. The first episode basically sums up some of what I went through before turning 30. All the thoughts that go on in your head, doubts, fears, ‘what if’s’. Then showing how when you act off of impulse before really thinking, then seeing where it gets you. The best friend Molly is that friend everyone has. She is more of a mess than you really are, but from the outside looking in she seem to have everything put together. Ooooh and Jay Ellis fine self plays Issa’s boyfriend. You know Blue from the series The Game….well yeah he is not much eye candy in this role. He still bae though.



Issa Rae has giving me life just in those 30 minutes. She is the definition of how much BLACK GIRLS ROCK!! I can not wait to watch next week episode coming on Sunday. Definitely will be apart of my must watch. I do not watch much television, but every rule is meant to be bent a bit.

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