5 Tips On Being A Fierce S.O.S Woman

This week’s S.O.S Woman…..COULD BE YOU!!! I wanted to discuss the S.O.S series a little more in depth. So far I have interviewed some beautiful, successful, funny, & driven women. The fact they were very open and honest in the interviews is what made them very memorable. They all have one big thing in common, they are SINGLE.

Since the series has launch, I have been receiving great feedback on the each of these ladies. Mainly that they want more interviews. 🙂 Please believe me when I say it will be many more single women that are currently in their season of singleness interviews. What I love to magnify the most is that how these women have not allowed their current season to defined them.


The goal is to encourage each S.O.S woman to be fierce on their journey. Whether you are single but dating or not ready to step back out on the scene, this series will give you motivation to stay on track. The breathe of fresh air is about self love and knowing your worth. No one completes anyone, I do not care what the songs say. You have to be one with yourself at all times before venturing off into the dating or even a committed relationship territory.

5 Tips on Being A Fierce S.O.S Woman

  1. Be a SAVAGE!

Kick butt at EVERYTHING you go after in life. From that promotion at work or buying an expensive item for your closet, give zero cares on how your decisions effect others. DO YOU BOO!!


2. Stay Flawless!

You are absolutely puurfect. This means any improvements you plan to do in the future will increase your stock even more.  Disclaimer: ***So of course no one is created flawless (even though Beyonce side she is), but you have less flaws when you put your great qualities upfront.


3. Get this SHMONEY!!

You know you have to be about that green, paper, dinero…whatever you like to call money. The beauty of getting shmoney, there is a lot to obtain in this world. So much that it can be time consuming when you are on your grind. I’m BIG supporter of people going after their  dreams no matter what they are. Have a plan though and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Being a flawless savage woman does not get you anywhere far if you are broke.


4. Love God!!

Yup, just like the rappers and most of the people in the entertainment industry, you have to give thanks to man up above. Rule of thumb, you should begin to have a deep connection and relationship with God while you are in your season of singleness. He needs to be the CEO of you life and consult with him when getting back on the dating scene. Trust me, if you listen to him, he will keep the foolish men and drama away from your door step.

erica c.gif

5. Fit or Fat?

Lastly we visit my favorite tip, watching the way you eat. You do not have to exercise if you do not want to, but keep an eye on the food you put in your body. As we get older, we have to be extra careful on the foods and even beverages we consume. Just because you are single does not mean you can eat anything.


There you have it ladies, 5 great tips to own your S.O.S. If you currently are not following these tips, its no time like the present. Leave some comments on how fierce it is to be a S.O.S Woman.

Our next S.O.S Woman Of The Week will premiere October 2016, so stay tuned for that. Whats next for this series? September 2016 there will be another S.O.S Presents. If you haven’t already checked out the first one or any of the women we have featured, GO NOW.

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