Ever After & Jumping The Broom

One of my favorite romantic comedies is Jumping The Broom staring the beautiful Paula Patton & the very fine Laz Alonso. In the movie Paula plays this a woman that basically is tired of the causal hook ups, she is wanting a husband. Of course with a little prayer to the Lord above and one car accident later, she meets Laz character. The conflict surrounding the families make for a great movie.


The reason I mention this movie is because despite someone background and shaky past, they can still change their ways for the right one. Which brings me to the Ray J & Princess Love. Now if you are anything like myself you do not watch much reality television. The times am I watching, I always get confirmation as to why I cannot entertain the shenanigans. Ray & Princess are cast members, *side-eye*, on the ever growing reality show called Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I have watched probably the whole first season and some of the second season. Due to my obsession and very high interest in celebrity gossip and blogs, I knew of Princess Love prior to the show. She was one of Floyd Mayweather girlfriends. (that is actually how Ray met her) Of course we all know Ray J as being Brandy’s little brother and the famous sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

So yes chile, these two have a crazy history and interesting past relationships. However, the love birds found their way to the alter this weekend. The pool pushing and New Orleans arresting seem to make them stronger than ever. Every relationship has its ups and downs, couples that make the decision to display theirs on camera is when it gets magnified. Some may say they were not ready to get married from seeing Princess fight strippers at Ray J party in his not so secret apartment. Or the fact Ray even continued to be out in the streets with other women when there was a great woman at the crib. Even with the high profile ex’s and relationship drama, these two continue to prove that LOVE conquers all.


Ray J & Princess Love

I’m currently in a relationship and I believe I have found THEE ONE. All the other boys and men I was with prior to him DO NOT COMPARE. This is my first real adult relationship that is based on so much more than the physical. He is my best friend and man, the best combination to date. 🙂 Everyone that knows us or know him tells me that we are meant to be together. It was strange to hear prior to us getting into a committed relationship. I’m like what are y’all seeing that I do not?!? Whelp, 3 years later we are still at it, so when I read about people/celebrities find their happy I want to celebrate. The feeling when you have not settled and getting everything you want and more in your mate is an AHMAZIN feeling.


Marsha Ambrosius

Once this video hit Marsha Ambrosius IG account of her man singing to her belly, social media went crazy. Ebony recently published an article with Marsha were she gave her reaction on how people were surprised of her new bundle of joy. “I don’t know half of these people on Twitter or Instagram, as if I’m supposed to call every single person and go, ‘Hey guys. I’m pregnant!’”

If you are a Marsha fan, you have been down with her since Floetry days. From “Say Yes”, “Getting Late”, & one of my favorites “Imagination”.  Then she brought us Late Nights & Early Mornings the Lovers & Friends. Listening to all the beautiful and very sexual melodies Marsha wrote you can not help but wonder was she in love herself.


Marsha says of her boyfriend. “He makes my songs make sense. I listen to them, write them and give them away. But, now I’m in love, I get it. I feel absolutely corny as hell because this is too happy. Who is this happy?”

Awwww… I’m truly happy for Marsha. Like I do not even know this woman, but I’m truly happy for her new chapter. Never too late to find your happy and get your happily ever after. She has a man that makes the love songs she writes make sense now. Love is pure and raw like that. Its an awesome feeling when you are in an organic relationship and not rushing milestones. Allowing time for your courtship to blossom and each moment to come with time. It bothers me when I see couples go from “dating”, to shacking, then wait for it…you getting a wedding invite. Exsqueeze me?!?!

I mean I can talk because I have rushed into a relationship in the past. Relocated to Miami, Fl for “love” to only find out I did not know who I was in a relationship with. Yes I will NEVER regret that decision because I now call Miami my second home, but that relationship was doom from the START. The only reason why I was trying to make it work, was because I wanted to prove everyone wrong. (more on that in my future posts)

kevin hart

Wait there is more…Kevin Hart and his rib Eniko ties the knot. When I say I love freaking LOVE. The way he talks about his woman and how she embraces his children, its an example of a imperfect perfect relationship. Kevin received his second chance at love after his divorce from his first wife. Now he seem to have it all. Beautiful children, booming career, and now til death do us part partner. Life can not get no better than this for the Hart’s.


Ladies all I’m saying is, if God is doing for them, he will do the same for you. I know it seems like everyone around you and celebs are receiving their ever after. You may be in your season of singleness or even in a relationship now, do not lose what you have trying to keep up with The Joneses or Kardashians. That only delays your purpose on this earth and block your true blessings. My man said something that I already knew, but it took him saying it that made it stick. He basically told me concerning myself with others will instantly block my blessings. I was too worried about other people getting promoted at work that I failed to realized what position I was currently in myself. So when your fans *haters* come around and try to steal your happiness, greet them like Princess Love do and say…..


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