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It’s another review time!! During one of my many conversations I was having at work with my teammate Ryan, I was telling him I wanted to learn to cook good meals. Yes, I’m one of the few black women that do not know her way around the kitchen. I mean do not get me wrong, I can scramble a egg or two and even boil a nice juicy steak. However if there is no recipe in front of me with step by step instructions on how to prepare the meal, I’m pretty much lost in the sauce.

So back to Ryan, he suggested that I try out Blue Apron. Ryan and his girlfriend have been using the service and absolutely love the recipes. He also provide the price and advised the 3 meals they give you will end up being twelve meals for the week. Now if you have a bigger family, you can get 4 meals per week. You looking at about $140 for that one week. I’m not sure about you, but I can spend that with just the two of us. After doing my research, checking my account out for the expendable coins,  I had to try it out for myself.

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I signed up for the the 2-person plan for myself and boyfriend. He and I are really trying to eat better and have more options with the food choices. You get 3 whole meals total for $60/week. It includes everything except the pots and pans. 🙂

Once you sign up, the first week is FREE. Yes you heard me…for-the-free. So why not try it out, you get to cancel, no questions asked. I talked it over with le boyfriend and told him the plan, he was gamed.

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The order was placed on a Wednesday, I received my groceries on that Friday. Fed-Ex came through with the special delivery. Now due to my work schedule it took until Wednesday of the following week to cook the food. We decided to cook two meals at one time.


Of course le boyfriend gave me the easiest meal, black ink squid spaghetti with shrimp. Now the spaghetti sounds a little weird and even with being able to review the meal prior to it being shipped I was still skeptical. Oh yeah, you are able to review up to six different recipes and pick and choose which ones you want. Also if you want to skip a week, the coins running low and/or you do not see anything appetizing for the week. It is a great program, sounds too good to be true huh?


After our 2nd delivery, Le Boyfriend aka health guru stated he wants us to cancel the order. He looked into everything and the recipes were not healthy. Despite the very fresh vegetables, he was not convince it was the right choice. After two good weeks and very delicious meals later, I ended my love affair with blue apron. Oh I did not discuss how great the recipes were….from the lemon chicken, to the garden pizza. My taste buds were burning with excitement with every bite.

My goal is still to learn how to prepare/cook some great meals, but I now have to figure out a different method. I’m aware there is other healthier meal programs out there, but the down fall is actually wanting to cook. We still have blue apron groceries from the week before last.

I have recommended Blue Apron to a lot of people. If you love to cook, really do not have time to shop, blue apron is for you. Blue Apron also is a great activity for couples. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen with my babe and learning recipes together. We learned how to prepare some delicious meals. He enjoyed the two weeks even though he is not completely sold, and decided to be against it now.

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