Always Fall For Your Type

Drake & Jamie Foxx said it best….”I wonder why I never learned my lesson,
It’s feeling like its second chance and it’s the first impression,
And I heard there’s nothing new except for someone new”. You get into a relationship with someone to only break up months later. Then start dating someone new to only find out they are just like the last one you dated. Sounds familiar?

fall for your type

Sometimes its hard not to fall for the same type in different individuals. Whether you like bad boys, booty call guy, or broke guys (why ????), everyone has that one type that they can not seem to get away from. Is there a solution? Sure. First you have to figure out why these men are so attractive. Let’s see?

Meet The 3 Common Types

The Bad Boy


OOOh that bad boy that women love. I know I use to like a bad boy when I was a teenager and my early twenties. Its the excitement of their lifestyle & the potential danger that were the biggest turn ons. I can admit even with the television series POWER that come on Starz, the main character Ghost exemplifies the “bad boy” that most women fall for. See Ghost is what any chick would want their hood man to turn into someday. A very successful man that has a lucrative drug operation yet owns a couple of businesses to show he maybe leggit in these streets.

The down fall of falling for or being attracted to a bad boy, it will NEVER end in a fairy tale. This type of guy loves to share his time with multiple women. He will never settle down with just one woman no matter how many times he tell he would. The bad boy is really the insecure boy. He never became a man mentally, so he think he is complete by controlling others and including you if you allow.  Also 9 times out of 10 will not being leaving the streets. Unlike Ghost, someone who was trying to put the drug live behind him, the average bad boys inconsistent street cash income will be all they ever strive for.

The Booty Call Guy


Yummy…yeeeahhh you know this guy. He can either make you feel like the only one or you can potentially be the side chick but do not care.The picture above is from the series Chef Julian which you can catch on Black&SexyTV.  Listen… the first season brought back hella memories of my whole “booty call” stage. Luckily I only truly experience this one time in my life. I was a young tenderoni and he was a much older workplace hottie. However, after the first hook up I soon realized I was his play thing and that was it. Despite knowing that, my feelings were not all the way convinced.

The booty call guy can be super honest with you.Well…. I should say most of them are honest with you. There are some that lie to you because they are not confident enough to lay everything out in the open. When this occurs, there will be unnecessary drama involving other females and/or even worst, and STD.

Even with the dudes that keep it 100, somehow and some way, you still believe that your relationship status will change. Usually you feel if you just act a certain way and get rid of all his other chicks he will see that you two are meant to be together. See the bad boy & booty call guy have one big thing in common…they love women! So settling down, no matter how great of a woman you are, is not in the cards for them. The steady booty call guy usually stays “single” until he is approaching his 40’s and it hit him that he needs someone to take care of him. At that time I hope you have not got used all up and waited around for him. The reason being, you will not be his first choice when he does decide to settle down.

The Broke Guy

This guy is pretty self explanatory. HE AIN’T GOT NO JOB MAAAAN!!!  Now there are some men in this category that actually have some type of  employment, but never have any expendable income. Yes its true, there are women out here that fall for the financially challenged. These men probably owe back child support, get paid under the table so they do not have to worry about being garnished and when they do get a hold to some extra cash, spend it on sneakers or a controlled substance. Sound familiar? The broke guy is not ambitious and barely can afford his own lifestyle, so he does not have anything left over for you. The best he can do is a Netflix & chill.

With women being the fixers we are, we take on this guy. Only to later find out helping him apply for jobs, loaning aka giving him money or treating for “dates” will not end. He will supply you with numerous excuses as to why he either has not found a better job than the local car wash or why no one will hire him. At the end of the day they are just EXCUSES and no male over the age of 25 should be living at home and broke.

Do not get me wrong, sometimes unforeseen circumstances do come about such as a job lost. In that case, there is nothing wrong with starting a relationship with a guy that is temporary unemployed. BUT he has to be actively looking for the next gig and if he was a smart one, have an emergency savings put up so he will not be in your pockets.

Sooo…. there we have, the 3 most common types of guys women fall for that are bad for them. Next week I will provide the cure/solution to prevent getting caught up.

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