Skip The Summer Body

June 27th has arrived and I’m 100% sure I have gain all eight pounds back I lost about two weeks ago. I’m learning when you do a lot of planning which includes A LOT of details, things almost NEVER go the way you plan them. I’m telling you to throw out those “fitness goals”. YES throw them six feet under and forget about them. Decide to skip the summer body plans and focus on….THE FALL/WINTER /NEXT SUMMER and BEYOND BODY.


The above picture is perfection to me. Bria Myles is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. (not mention one of Drake’s muses) However I’m sure she does not indulge in mini cookies from Mrs. Fields or eat much of fried anything. With any changes you want to implement you must have discipline. Just because you are over the age of 21 years old you thought the learning process would be over. That is not more further from the truth. Everyday is a school day, so break out the pen and paper. No longer put a timeframe or limit on goals. *gasp* I’m breaking that rule too. Sure I would love to be a hot 150 and still thick in the thighs by October, but lets face it, that may not happen then. The goal is to make it happen, why pressure myself by putting a timeframe on it. Then it becomes more stressful and even worse, disappointing if I do not succeed by that time.

My boyfriend actually put it best. He said that by age 30 he wanted to make six figures. When his 30th birthday came around he was not at six figures yet. He began to feel bad and come really down on his self. Then one day he realized that just because it did not happen by his 30th birthday does not mean he will not make six figures or more before he leaves this earth. Now at 33 he is making closer to six figures a year, homeowner, and have ahmazin girlfriend (he-he). It really does not matter when it happens, the excitement should come from making it happen.


Soooo back to that fall/winter/next summer and beyond body. If you are anything like me, your body is not ready to be revealed just yet. No worries I have listed below some tips and hidden gems on still faulting you existing body for the summer while being under new body construction.

  • Do not forget, cover ups/bathing suit dresses are  your best friends. Please remember your body does not have to be completely cover….. you can still be sexy and show off your swim suit this summer.
  • Love wearing short shorts? So do I!!! If the midsection of your body has most of the orange cones in place….no problem. When you wear shorts, buy shirts that flare out away from your stomach area. Be careful not to get the shirts too big, you do not want to look pregnant.
  • Bathing suits….you do not have to wear a complete one piece. There are several swimwear lines out not that make you look beyond HOT for the summer. Ashley Graham swimsuits are very sexy and affordable.


Embrace your sexy and continue to work at your goal. No matter what, you have to be comfortable in your own skin. Do not limit yourself by putting a timeframe on weight loss goals.

What’s Next……

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** S.O.S will finally be revealed.

***My love letter to God

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